Madinah Soars in Global Smart City Index

Madinah Leaps 11 Spots in IMD's Smart City Rankings

Madinah has achieved a remarkable leap, climbing 11 places in the prestigious IMD Smart City Index for 2024. This significant jump has placed the city at the 74th position on a global scale, a notable improvement from its previous 85th rank in 2023.

Among its regional counterparts, Madinah now proudly stands as the seventh-ranked Arab city. The IMD index measures digital vitality and the readiness of cities to incorporate technology, aiming to strike a balance between economic, technological, and human factors, while catering to the needs of the populace. The index supports the growth of urban areas into smart cities, with a focus on transforming public spaces into hubs of attraction, curtailing carbon emissions, and enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.

The commendable rise in the rankings can be attributed to the synergized efforts of the Al-Madinah Region Development Authority, in partnership with various government entities. Together, they have enhanced coordination and implemented digital initiatives across different sectors, paving the way for Madinah to secure a prominent position among the world’s smart cities.

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