Saudi Aviation Leverages AI for Enhanced Supply Chain Management

Future Aviation Forum Highlights Industry's AI Integration

Saudi Arabia’s aviation sector is poised for a transformation as it integrates artificial intelligence (AI) into its supply chain management processes. This strategic move is aimed at improving efficiency, productivity, and customer experience within the industry, a senior official has revealed.

During the inaugural day of the Future Aviation Forum held in Riyadh, Suliman Almazroua, the CEO of the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program, emphasized the significant role of AI in refining logistics and supply chain operations. This includes the enhancement of maintenance and the delivery of a superior customer experience.

Almazroua pointed out that the swift progress in technology is instrumental in shaping the future of various sectors, including aviation. He took the opportunity to highlight the Saudi aviation sector’s accomplishments, such as the surge in passenger volumes, cargo throughput, fleet growth, infrastructure investment, and global connectivity.

Luis Felipe de Oliveira, director general and CEO of Airports Council International, addressed the resilience of the aviation industry despite facing numerous crises over the years. He recounted challenges from 9/11 through the 2008 financial crisis to more recent events like the COVID-19 pandemic, acknowledging the industry’s remarkable recovery each time.

Oliveira discussed the broader economic factors impacting the aviation sector, such as geopolitical risks, inflation, and interest rates. He also noted the paradox of decreasing unemployment rates and the public’s growing desire to travel amidst these challenges. Moreover, he raised concerns about the rising costs of jet fuel and its impact on air travel and ticket prices.

Stefan Schulte, CEO of Fraport AG in Germany, shared insights on the dawn of a new era characterized by innovation, sustainability, and the fusion of different cultures. Schulte emphasized the escalating expectations of customers for digital, resilient, seamless processes, coupled with a demand for environmental sustainability.

The three-day event, organized by the General Authority of Civil Aviation, features discussions on global aviation issues, air transport, and environmental sustainability in civil aviation. It also includes dialogues on advancing air transport and enhancing global connectivity. The forum is aligned with Saudi Arabia’s vision to lead the aviation sector by attracting $100 billion in investments by the year 2030.

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